Legacy Giving

Presidents Circle

Members of the Presidents Circle provide an annual gift of $1,000 and more

Ricardo Baker
Valerie Baldwin
Kevin Braden    
Christine Case
Eric Chong
Susan Edwards
Gail and David Elder
Elizabeth Gagnon
Spencer Gehring
Peter Hesketh
Cassius Johnson
Heather Johnson
Meira and Marvin Langsam
Willis Lott
Monica Marlowe
Jo Marshall
Owen McDaniel
Christa and John Modschiedler
Steven Mulhollen
Thomas Obee
Rosemary and Lou Oberndorf
Daniel Phelan
Saralyn Quinn
Cassandra Rincones
Kenneth Ruemke
Susan Scaggs
Betty Scott
Joseph Shaw
David Strong, Jr.
Lynn Tincher-Ladner
Margie Wisniewski

Athena Society

The Athena Society is an exclusive group of donors who made the thoughtful decision to leave a gift to the Phi Theta Kappa Foundation, regardless of the amount. Such gifts might include bequests, trusts, life insurance, and other deferred giving options that allow individuals to support Phi Theta Kappa while making plans beneficial to their financial circumstances.

Dawneen Banks
Robert Blank
Beth Carraway
Karri Chaney
Harvey Cooke
June Cordier
J. Mark Davis
Dayron Deeton-Owens
Jody Lee Duek
Mark Dupree
Laura Dupree
Nell Ewing
Joan Fedor
Amy Flagler
Douglas Foard
Janice Freeman
Joyce Freeman
Josephine Fritts
Steve Fritts
Shirley Gordon
Jack Guistwhite
Molly Harris
Larry Horn
Leanne Jardine
Cassius Johnson
Rob Keel
Marvin Langsam
Meira Langsam
Anne Levig
Mary Linder
Monica Marlowe
Jo Marshall
Cynthia Mason
Ruth Matthews
E. Ann McGee
John Modschiedler
Natalie Myer
Sarah Nichols
Bruce Oldfield
Holly Peel
Martha Petry
David Pierce
Mary Anne Player
Saralyn Quinn
Mia Ramos-Shirley
Robin Rich-Coates
Jeannette Sasmor
Susan Scaggs
Stephen Schroeder
David Shinn
Michelle Silenzio-Franklin
Virginia Stahl
Michael Storey
Lynn Tincher-Ladner
Terri Williamson
West Williamson
Billy Wilson
Kevin Windham

Oak Leaf Society

Members of the Oak Leaf Society have chosen to establish an endowment in support of Phi Theta Kappa, which will exist in perpetuity. Endowments at Phi Theta Kappa provide lasting, transformative programs that truly support our members of today and tomorrow. Endowed programs allow the Society the ability to be proactive in its planning, visionary in approach, and responsive to new opportunities.

Robert Blank
Christopher Calhoun
Marian Combs
June Cordier
Joan Fedor
Janice Freeman
Joyce Freeman
Florida Region
Shirley B. Gordon
Hites Family Community College Scholarship Corporation
Illinois Region
International Public Safety Leadership and Ethics Institute
Leanne Jardine
Richard Jardine
Judy Kesler
John Kesler
Jo Marshall
John Modschiedler
Mu Epsilon Chapter
New York Region
Rosemary and Lou Oberndorf
Oberndorf Family Foundation
Mary Anne Player
Donald W. Reynolds
TEK Productions
Texas Region
Gayle Wyatt

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